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        signage parts
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        1. SIET Transformers
        2. EGL Neon Tubing
        3. HANSEN NEON & LED
        4. ELBO Pumping System
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        signage materials
        Transparent LED Wall
          We are a full service LED screen provider specializing in the most advanced WiFi / 4G remote control high definition LED display (P1.6, P2, P3...P16) , serving our clients locally and export to foreign market.
          * LED Transparent Screen/ Transparent LED Display / Transparent LED Window
        LED Screen
        High Power LED Bar
          Extreme high power LED Bar/Strip for light boxes, illuminated signage, exterior lighting, cove lighting, etc.
          * New product: CREE or Osram 5W*3 or 5W*5
        Cree 3*5W LED Bar
        Liquid Acrylic Letter
          The state-of-the-art signage: liquid acrylic (LA) signage, which is very durable, seamless edge, the acrylic composite is formulated to protect against cracking and yellowing, offering superior light diffusion,  attractive 24 hours a day, whether it’s light or dark,  it is now becoming a popular choice for chain store, mobile shop and clothes retail shop...
        Siet High Voltage Transformer
          High quality metal case HV transformers patented for outdoor use (IP44), single model for both neon or Hg filled tubes are provided with safety knife switch and housing for PVC conduits under the lid, 100% made in Italy.
          Note: We have plenty of goods available for sales
          Article 1: Transformer load chart Article 2: Thermal build up issue
          Article 3: Cold Catholde vs LED-Beware of the 100,000 hour LED myth
          Info 1: SIET Quality Certificates Info 2 : Siet Cold Cathode Lighting
        200mA Lexterior - Very Bright !
        MINILEXA - the smallest coil & coil transformer, weight only 1.8kgs
          Unique product: SIET Dimmer SIET Project References
        Italian High Voltage Transformer
        We have a huge stock of transformer on SALE. 
        EGL neon tube
          World's Largest Producer of Electrodes, Rare Gases, Fluorescent Tubing, and Equipment for the Neon and Lighting Industry, 100% made in the US.
          EGL Notice - Regarding fake EGL neon from China !!!
          Article 1: Brighter Times EGL Project References
          Article 2: Dispelling the inefficient neon myth Article 3: Neon Facts
          Note: We have plenty of goods available for sales
        USA Neon Tubing
        We have a huge stock of 2400K Tube on SALE! 
        Hansen Neon Converter
          Hansen electronic converter is 100% made in Germany, highly conformed to european quality standards, stable and versatile, with choice of model of indoor/outdoor, dimable/non-dimmable, rangel from 20mA to 150mA.
          Note: We have plenty of goods available for sales
        German Neon Converter
        Hansen LED
          100% designed and produced in Germany, innovative product range includes LED modules, LED linear lamps, profile lamps, power supplys, etc., highly conformed to european quality standards.
        New Product: HANSEN LED ECO Street Lamp
        German LED lighting

          Hansen - The German made LED Street Lamp - Innovative, economical, efficient and environmental friendly.
        German LED street lamp

        Tube processing and manufacturing

          We own the world's most sophisticated  Automatic  Pumping  systems  for Tube Processing in large quantities to ensure efficiency and the uniformity of quality to the clients for their projects.at last the longest.
        NEON tube processing
          Ricci HV transformer Ricci Transformer Italy
        Neon Pumping System
          Automatic neon tube processing system is designed for producing the most long lasting consistant quality of neon tubings,...
          Article : Economical concept of Automatic neontube processing
        Vacuum Pumping System Europe
        Neon Accessories/parts
          Imported Neon accessories, such as the high compressed gases (200 liter), insulated HV sillicone cables, slicone electrode sleeves, poly carbonate tube supports,...
          Note: We have plenty of goods available for sales
        High Voltage Silicone Cable
          We offer the varieity of products and services, and the dedication of signage works for you.
        Sign Installer


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