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        德国进口HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯/LED模组/LED灯条/LED电源/LED驱动器-百分百德国制造
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 导光板
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 导光板
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED电源

        目前公司主要产品有:LED灯带, LED护栏灯,LED轮廓灯,LED电源, LED控制器和软件。


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            特别推荐 : HANSEN POWER LED   ** 比传统LED光亮4倍**
            **4 x more light with power LEDs**   德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯
        **12 Volts LED Strip With Power LEDs**
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯
            资料: HANSEN POWER LED 技术规格  
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯

        HANSEN 强光铝合金 防水槽灯/洗墙灯

        (0.4W-3W, 蓝, 绿, 3000K, 4250K, 5000K)
        德国HANSEN (汉森) LED 灯
        LED 线条灯 LED轮廓灯
        LED 电源 LED应用技术
        德国 HANSEN (汉森) LED
            **HANSEN LED CONVERTOR--LED电源  
        ** 新品上市: HANSEN LED 环保-路灯 **HANSEN LED 发光板
            RGB LED Bar  

        "WILMA" is a rigid circuit board with a width of only 6 mm and a length of 260 mm. It can be split in sections of 87 mm.
        "VICKI" is a 10 mm wide and 270 mm long flexible circuit board which can be split in sections of 90 mm.

        The 12mm wide circuit board “Sancho” can be used to create an RGB colour flow. The LED spacing is 31mm, and the maximum length per power supply point is 5m.

        Some Job reference of Hansen LEDs in HK, Macau and China
        Lisboa Casino Macau
        Mandarin Hotel Hong Kong
        All illuminated letters of Prologis China

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